Tour de France 2018 Stage 13 full

Tour de France 2018 Stage 13
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Stage 14 :
  • Nicholas Schneider

    So much respect for these guys man risking life and limb to accomplish something like this, Im 14 live in the US love mountain biking I’ve got myself a nice cannondale and I can barely do 15 - 20 miles without dying. Thanks for sharing you’ve got a new subscriber

  • altevir oliveira

    Fantastico Peter Sagan

  • Dirty Dan

    How are they not tripping over each other jesus

  • Keaja Alexander

    There’s no way you could do this being sober

  • Glenn Zornig

    These riders are going so slowly that Marshall Taylor would have ridden away from the peloton and won the stage at his own training pace.

  • Ghost CAT

    For the long ride Your going need have big dinner for this all those lost calories like Erik the electric ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

  • Preuᛋᛋen

    who won the 1940 Tour de France ? .......the 7TH German Panzer Division

  • Cameron E

    I would have been super pissed if I paid for such choppy coverageEdit - thanks for posting though. My comment is out of frustration of not being able to watch easily in the US without paying for it. Then it appears that (this particular broadcast at the least) is choppy. If I would have paid for that "service" I would have been very mad. As it is I couldn't really watch this... I started shopping ahead shortly after the start and it happened everywhere in the video. Other videos don't do that so I don't think it's my connection or YouTube and I have seen similar sketchiness during other cycling events... So.Anyway. Thanks again for the effort

  • Andres Ayala

    Thanks for uploading those complete stages of le tour de France. Cycling is my favorite sports. Greetings from Colombia.

  • SaGa03

    Can you upload the 20race please?

  • ffairlane57

    Sagan stays cool in the peloton until the last seconds.

  • NC NC

    Саган красавчик!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • JP Guthrie

    I raced over these roads in 1998, the year of the "Festina Affair." It's funny to see what a difference doping made. In those days may riders were still riding on steel frames with 9 speed drivetrains, yet they were faster than these guys on carbon fiber running 12 speed drivetrains. Maybe it's the beards which are slowing them down.

  • A mitabhabutha12

    Michael Schär,take a rest! You're really good. I'm impressed by your fantastic play. It's touching, Michael.

  • Yuki Shima

    Thomas de gendt is cool!!!!

  • Charles Rush

    Are they really racing? Funny, it doesn't look like a race.

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