Celebrating the 10th anniversary of The Witcher

Time flies when you’re in great company. Join Geralt of Rivia as he reminisces about the 10 years it’s been since you’ve first joined him on his adventures in The Witcher series of games.

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The Witcher game is based on the prose of Andrzej Sapkowski.
  • Dallasmed65

    Best game series ever made.


    I am a FPS gamer all these years and finally my friend persuade me to buy Witcher 3 and I did on 1st Oct, a week or so later it was on 60% discount on Steam and I did swear a few times, but until i completed the entire game 2 days ago and today I'm watching this video, that extra S$40 definitely worth spending. Thank you guys for everything

  • DurvalDavi


  • Davis1337

    Woooooooooow174 000 likes vs 424 dislikes

  • NieR

    No..im not crying...<3 CD Projekt Red

  • Ali İşerio

    man this video gave me goosebumps! thank you Cd projekt red for giving us such a great game...

  • G4m3rR1ck

    This...definitely brought tears to my eyes! Never have I ever heard of a game developer bringing back characters to talk to the fans, even if for a few, short moments! Absolutely amazing and beautiful! Thank you CDPR for this MASTERPIECE!!!

  • The Hash

    Geralt of Rivia forever in our heart

  • Romul

    Something Ends, Something Begins...


    feels like home, am i the only one who cried?

  • Hippo Reddy

    Best game in the whole damn world : Witcher 3Also this trailer made me cry :')

  • Mid NighT

    My best friend passed away two years ago from lung cancer , I was with him till the end when they said he had a few months to live but I never actually got to say good bye to him it’s like we had this unspoken agreement to not talk about what was gonna happen to him and one day he was gone and i fucking hate that I didn’t get to say anything or be with him more and this fucking video got me crying like a kid not because I’m sad because I’m happy! when garlet talked to me I felt like it was my friend saying good bye and he misses me

  • loafhero

    My favourite part about this is that this shows that if you made decisions where the Bloody Baron lives, it implies that he succeeds in his quest to cure his wife of her insanity.

  • Shikhar Rai

    400 dislikes are most probably from ghouls and alghouls

  • Happy Free Gamer

    Time is fleeting, but memories are forever

  • deceptiveauto

    This got to me even more because this was the exact path I followed. Everyone who was at the house from the baron to Olgierd I helped to live and befriended. Made it feel like this was my sorta true ending reward for following the path I picked

  • youngshadygaming

    One more contract Geralt... one more...

  • AV

    Time is fleeting, but memories are forever 🤦‍♂️-Ly too

  • ChimpoTalks Gaming

    Thank you CDProjektRed. Thank you for the lack of microtransactions, loot boxes, and greed that most game studios are dishing out today. Thank you for not lowering the bar like Warner Brother Studios, Bethesda, and EA have been. Seriously, thank you.

  • grandayy

    What a wholesome videoWitcher 3 best game

  • Alexis Caron

    Im fine and you Geralt

  • Guilherme Leme

    This video's main purpose is to estabilish the true badass level of Geralt once and for all. Yennefer, Triss, Shani and Keira in the same room chilling together, that demands some respect :D

  • Gerard Ferrer

    PLEASE CDPR, tell me that everything on this video is canon.

  • david Unoi

    He's talking to me?.......cries (upon reflection)

  • Giorgi Bakradze

    Tear dropped on my cheek

  • AcerbusUmbra

    CD Projekt Red. Making trailers for the sole reason of making grown adults cry.

  • benzlover55

    I recently bought W3 and I already miss it because in playing it I'm trying to find any means necessary to prolong the experience since it is technically the last game in the series, and I'm enjoying it so much, and your first time experience is what will stand out the most in your memory.........

  • Maninder Singh

    Best game I've played, ever! :)

  • Teréze

    " we all miss you old friend " GOD DAMN GERALT, i started to cry so much

  • Tushar Juneja

    Who else got the chills?

  • Jonathan Mata

    Im good Geralt.. You know still waiting for that Wolf School gear bug to be patched

  • Death_Avenger

    I wish CD projekt red makes another witcher........leave a like if you agree

  • Evgeniy Chudinov

    Просто до слез, мало какой фильм может вызвать такие эмоции, но эта игра... это лучшее что было со мной.

  • Raúl Lorenzo

    Geralt I think I love you!

  • John H

    seeing Ciri makes me cry every darn time. I did it all for her.

  • Microage

    Did they all end up in Yennefers clothes a couple of hours later?


    Have a great retirement gwynblade

  • xLetalis

    Doing great mate, I miss you too!cries

  • Allan Engineer

    This game, it's not only a game, it's a great art. The experience is very rich, never see something like this.

  • Ruan P. R.

    Thank you too CD PROJEKT RED!

  • Cesar Martinez

    The dislikes are from the Wild Hunt

  • Zoe Streshenright


  • utkarsh saxena

    As good as cyberpunk 2077 will be, it will be really hard for cd projekt red to top the witcher 3

  • Anggi Rahmat

    Gotta make a confession here. I never bought a PC game. I've always downloaded the pirated version. You know from torrent and stuff.UNTIL I PLAY THE WITCHER. At first. I installed the pirated version, and then in the middle of the game for the first time playing video game I felt "wrong" and guilty by playing it. Because, we all know its a great game, and I realize it takes a lot of time, money and effort to finish the game and the developer need money too, to create more games like this.So I decided to save some money and bought the GOTY edition from STEAM. (By the time I bought it, I already finish the pirated version game)So next time if there are any more games made by CD PROJEKT RED, I will make sure to save some money and buy the original version. Cause you guys are the first developer to make me feel bad by playing pirated game

  • Shanie Grant

    Omg I bloody LOVE this!! Still the same old tingles when I hear that music and see those faces! Thanks for one of the best gaming experiences I've ever had! <3

  • big fun

    Thanks for the best game ever

  • Dav1d15196

    Make Witcher 4 playable as Ciri, Cd Project Red please !!!

  • Cassie Walker

    The feels! I miss witcher.

  • Toyon

    Am i the only one who was happy and nodding to geralt for no reason?

  • Bun Bun

    Some one cast a Aard on my eyes...

  • SectionEight

    How the hell did Roach get inside the house?

  • avirx8

    Darn ninjas with their onions. * wipes eyes *

  • Andrzej Kaźmierczak

    How to become a Legend ? Leave the scene being undefeated

  • Ivan Volodkevich

    Well.... Thanks a lot CDPR!!!!!! I bought the game a week ago and i am done with the main. Just gonna write my story. So ive only played the third game..... I knew about this game since it launch but havent followed it. A lot of people around me said that i would not get the story, they said i must read ALL the books and play wither 1 and 2. But a week ago i thought "Why the hell not" and tried this game. And i LOVED the story, sure, there were references that i didnt understand, but the story was so good, i could relate to the main characters. My favorite character is Ciri by the way. Ive never had any favorite game. Sure, there were some game i spent a lot of time on(Overwatch and dota) but it didnt feel like they were perfect games. But this game..... The graphics are AMAZING, the gameplay too, but the best is story. Ive never felt these emotions before(spoiler alert) for example when u gotta go to that island on Skellige and find Ciri. Man, when i saw her dead... Its hard to explain but it felt like i lost someone close to me. But then she got revived and i got so happy, and then the ending..... I felt so sad when she walked into that portal, but she came back. This is truly the best company. No other company cares as much about the fans as CDPR. Take fucking EA or Ubi as an example. Oh man, i thought the fallout 4 storyline was decent before i played witcher. I really hope Netflix does not fuck this up, i hope theyve learned from the death note series. Cuz if they fail then they are dead. Thank you again for making the witcher 3. For me it is the best experience ive had when i played games. This is the best game of all time for me. Well i guess there is a lot to explore in the witcher lore for me since ive only played the third game, anyone got any suggestions what i should start exploring the witcher lore on? Thanks for reading this!

  • Fabulous FAM

    The worth is more than just my every penny for this dev, you guys derserve it

  • razdvacrack

    TW3 is the best game in 26 years

  • Josephine Versoza

    The series that just never stops giving <3 Thank you, CDPR!

  • dj3037

    Geralt was always my hero. Seeing this actually made me tear up a bit. To CDProjekt Red, thank you for sharing one of the greatest stories of my life time. And to Geralt, sorry it's been a while. I'll be sure to visit you more often.

  • Jack Matthews

    Well, I am still waiting for Witcher 4.

  • Rawrough

    This.. was beautiful. Been along the ride since your first show Geralt, you didn't disappoint then and never after that either. I've learned a lot through you, and about you since then. Thank you for all the wonderful years CDPROJEKT RED. You deserve the admiration and awe of all in the industry.. Geralt's story, the Witcher's story, it's a bit more than just an another game. There is soul, and it's touching. Happy birthday Geralt!

  • iilovericeLEL

    im not crying I promise

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