Celebrating the 10th anniversary of The Witcher

Time flies when you’re in great company. Join Geralt of Rivia as he reminisces about the 10 years it’s been since you’ve first joined him on his adventures in The Witcher series of games.

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The Witcher game is based on the prose of Andrzej Sapkowski.
  • Simon Rockstream

    One of, if not THE most beautiful thing a gaming company has ever created. This video and The Witcher games.

  • DurvalLacerda


  • Davis1337

    Woooooooooow174 000 likes vs 424 dislikes

  • Molsain

    This is why im going to expend like 100$ on Cyberpunk 2077

  • Hippo Reddy

    Best game in the whole damn world : Witcher 3Also this trailer made me cry :')

  • david Unoi

    He's talking to me?.......cries (upon reflection)

  • ChimpoTalks Gaming

    Thank you CDProjektRed. Thank you for the lack of microtransactions, loot boxes, and greed that most game studios are dishing out today. Thank you for not lowering the bar like Warner Brother Studios, Bethesda, and EA have been. Seriously, thank you.

  • deceptiveauto

    This got to me even more because this was the exact path I followed. Everyone who was at the house from the baron to Olgierd I helped to live and befriended. Made it feel like this was my sorta true ending reward for following the path I picked

  • AcerbusUmbra

    CD Projekt Red. Making trailers for the sole reason of making grown adults cry.

  • Microage

    Did they all end up in Yennefers clothes a couple of hours later?

  • Anggi Rahmat

    Gotta make a confession here. I never bought a PC game. I've always downloaded the pirated version. You know from torrent and stuff.UNTIL I PLAY THE WITCHER. At first. I installed the pirated version, and then in the middle of the game for the first time playing video game I felt "wrong" and guilty by playing it. Because, we all know its a great game, and I realize it takes a lot of time, money and effort to finish the game and the developer need money too, to create more games like this.So I decided to save some money and bought the GOTY edition from STEAM. (By the time I bought it, I already finish the pirated version game)So next time if there are any more games made by CD PROJEKT RED, I will make sure to save some money and buy the original version. Cause you guys are the first developer to make me feel bad by playing pirated game

  • utkarsh saxena

    As good as cyberpunk 2077 will be, it will be really hard for cd projekt red to top the witcher 3

  • TermKnive

    I wish CD projekt red makes another witcher........leave a like if you agree

  • Dallasmed65

    Best game series ever made.

  • John H

    seeing Ciri makes me cry every darn time. I did it all for her.


    Have a great retirement gwynblade

  • SectionEight

    How the hell did Roach get inside the house?

  • TaishoAce1001

    Okay. I think I figured out how this ending is possible:1) -You kill the creature at the Whispering Hillock so at the end the Baron's wife doesn't die. Afterwards the Baron takes his wife to the sage/healer in the Blue Mountains, therefore he doesn't hang himself from grief. I believe it all worked out for him since he's here celebrating with us.2) -You stop Kiera from taking Alexander's notes to Radovid and convince her to go to Kaer Morhen instead, so she doesn't get impaled on a stake and Lambert doesn't get killed by the Wild Hunt. Both Kiera and Lambert ride off into the sunset together. :)3) -You don't stand back and let Dijkstra kill Roech and Ves after assassinating Radovid, therefore saving your old comrades in arms and best friends.4) -You kick Sarah out of the house, so she ends up meeting Johnny and they become friends? (I don't know, I helped Sarah and let her stay in the house, but I guess it works out for both of them either way. They both get a happy ending. Yay)5) -You help Dandelion hunt down the guy who tried to murder Priscilla, and kill the Higher Vampire in Novigrad when you find out its the doctor (which I had extreme pleasures doing... just like against Dettlaff).6) -Speaking of which, in 'Blood & Wine' I also hooked up with Syanna in 'The Land of a Thousand Fables', saved her, cut that prick Dettlaff in half (glorious), and helped both Syanna and Anna reconcile with each other, thereby getting the 'Best Ending' for them. Regis sneaks back to Beauclair every once in a while to say hello.7) -During 'Hearts of Stone', you save Olgierd by lifting the curse on him placed there by O'Dimm. You challenge Satan himself to a battle of wits and win, which is a big victory no matter how you look at it. I did the playthrough three times and never sold out to O'Dimm like a hack.8) -In 'Hearts of Stone' Geralt and Shani hook-up, yet you part on good terms with each other, meeting up every once in a while at reunions just like this. :)9) -And at the end of Witcher 3, you save Ciri, doesn't become Empiress and instead becomes a Witcher, doing what she wants with her life (which explains why she's not all dressed up or has a Nilfgarrd escort in this trailer).When you think about it, I guess this kind of scene is actually possible to achieve, and makes me glad that I played through the game and did my best to get all the best endings possible. :)God, I love Witcher 3.P.S - I end up romancing Triss instead of Yen, but I still bet they and Geralt end up having a non-canon threesome relationship in the end. lol. That's why they're both there and not one of them is off sulking in misery.

  • Grandayy

    What a wholesome videoWitcher 3 best game

  • LesserPlanes

    shout outs to the crew for having the guts to make an ambitious rpg that was rough around the edges and sticking with it until it became a masterpiece of the genre

  • razdvacrack

    TW3 is the best game in 26 years

  • x HisoKa

    It’s feel like Geralt is speaking to me personally!! I missed you too 😔💔

  • Terence Pace

    Geralt is the only Witcher that will ever die in his bed

  • xLetalis

    Doing great mate, I miss you too!cries

  • Bun Bun

    Some one cast a Aard on my eyes...

  • Evgeniy Chudinov

    Просто до слез, мало какой фильм может вызвать такие эмоции, но эта игра... это лучшее что было со мной.

  • TheAussieBlue

    What have I been up to? Well I met this bloke called Henry, he's the son of a blacksmith. I helped him try to avenge his father's murder and reclaim a stolen sword. There were a few few sieges (three actually) but in the end we parted ways before his journey was done. Bit depressing really.I helped this miserable detective called Max (do you know what a detective is?) clear his name for a murder he didn't commit and bust a massive drug ring conspiracy involving all sorts of powerful people. Then I helped him survive a really nasty gang war against this guy called Vladimir who used to be his friend. Bit ugly to say the least, he nearly died when this corrupt guard called Winterson shot him in the back.There was this other guy called BJ, huge man, built like Letho, but with the saddest eyes. He was trying to stop these guys who were like the Niilfgaardian's, except these guys (they were called Nazis) were worse. Like ten times worse. The Nazis took over the world, and I helped him with both his resistance movement and with the completion of a ten year old mission to kill this evil old man called Death's Head.Traveled to land called Westeros and hung out with this family called the Forresters. Never doing that again, so many people died. The father was betrayed and killed at a wedding, the eldest son was scarred and crippled at said wedding before he was killed in battle in his own castle a week later, the youngest son was kidnapped as a hostage by this asshole called Ramsey, second youngest was murdered in his own halls a minute earlier by the same asshole Ramsey, and generally speaking everything was complete shit.Waged a few wars, some of them NOT fun at all, ended up leading an empire of men against orcs, vampires, elves, and these chaos worshipers. Then I helped the Dwarves get revenge on everyone who had wronged them; they literally had a giant book filled with every insult and slight ever done to them by anyone else.But my favorite adventure was when I helped this ancient, millions of years old warrior (literally millions of years old) called The Doom Slayer kill so many Demons you don't even know. We kicked arse across this big city dedicated to researching Demons and Hell, kicked arse into Hell, kicked Hell's arse until we got back from Hell, kicked even MORE arse across the city to go BACK to Hell, and finally ended up being locked away again by this ten foot tall mechanical man once we were done kicking arse.

  • Shmozone

    Lmao half those people are dead in my playthrough... Still cool though!

  • I know I'm Awesome

    I tried my best not to cry :'( Crying

  • Just Passing Through

    Where's Letho!? Is he the one holding the camera? Is photography his secret passion?

  • Mathieu Nadeau

    Beautiful. Probably the best and most adorable thing a game company could ever do to their fans <3 keep it up, guys! We love you all! :)

  • Andrzej Kaźmierczak

    How to become a Legend ? Leave the scene being undefeated

  • Baytuh

    Real talk- Who else teared up a little. Thank You CD Projekt Red for making one of the best games ever, I beat the game 5 times and each expansion twice so about 500+hrs. The Witcher 3 (IMO) is the gold standard for open world fantasy games, can't wait for Cyberpunk 2077. Again thank you CD. :-D

  • dogzilla

    I choked a bit when Geralt looked at the camera and spoke to me. (T_T)

  • Ivan Volodkevich

    Well.... Thanks a lot CDPR!!!!!! I bought the game a week ago and i am done with the main. Just gonna write my story. So ive only played the third game..... I knew about this game since it launch but havent followed it. A lot of people around me said that i would not get the story, they said i must read ALL the books and play wither 1 and 2. But a week ago i thought "Why the hell not" and tried this game. And i LOVED the story, sure, there were references that i didnt understand, but the story was so good, i could relate to the main characters. My favorite character is Ciri by the way. Ive never had any favorite game. Sure, there were some game i spent a lot of time on(Overwatch and dota) but it didnt feel like they were perfect games. But this game..... The graphics are AMAZING, the gameplay too, but the best is story. Ive never felt these emotions before(spoiler alert) for example when u gotta go to that island on Skellige and find Ciri. Man, when i saw her dead... Its hard to explain but it felt like i lost someone close to me. But then she got revived and i got so happy, and then the ending..... I felt so sad when she walked into that portal, but she came back. This is truly the best company. No other company cares as much about the fans as CDPR. Take fucking EA or Ubi as an example. Oh man, i thought the fallout 4 storyline was decent before i played witcher. I really hope Netflix does not fuck this up, i hope theyve learned from the death note series. Cuz if they fail then they are dead. Thank you again for making the witcher 3. For me it is the best experience ive had when i played games. This is the best game of all time for me. Well i guess there is a lot to explore in the witcher lore for me since ive only played the third game, anyone got any suggestions what i should start exploring the witcher lore on? Thanks for reading this!

  • Ottavio Augusto Franceschini

    The amount of details in this video is incredible!! So many things from in-game quests, like the portrayal of Iris and Olgierd; the rose of remembrance (I think), the ofieri's sabers, even the magic phylactery used to curse Avallach! CDPR is trully amazing! <3

  • Matthew Shezmen

    Chills all over my body. ç_ç

  • Noel Roque

    I will never forget this game, The best game I've ever played :')

  • Aditya Chebiyyam

    I felt bad leaving Geralt standing on a mound, watching the sunset peacefully with Yen in Corvo Bianco, knowing that this may well be the last time I save and exit TW3. But this, THIS is what I needed badly. No, not crying, just something in my eye. Thanks for the memories that will last forever.

  • Yashu Yadav

    this made me to buy witcher 3 again on different steam account, you guys..RESPECT and LOVE


    I tried playing the Witcher 3 on PS4 when it came out and for the life of me I could not get into it, so i traded it in. I went a long time without so much as even wanting to try playing it again until about a month or 2 ago as of this comment. I decided I wanted to give Witcher another try but thought maybe ill enjoy it more if I play the first 2. So i caught them on sale and played the first game. Graphics never bother me but the combat was clunky and the story was great. I ended up LOVING the Witcher. Then I moved to the 2nd. A huge lead in graphics and combat. I found the story a little too political for my tastes but I enjoyed it non the less. After clearing the main stories for both of those in the matter of about 3 weeks, I moved to the Witcher 3 and decided "ok now im ready, and imma gonna take my time and just enjoy myself, not worrying about how fast i clear the main story. The next thing i know, ive sunk over 80 hours into the game, cleared the main story and Hearts of Stone, along with tons of side quests and contracts. I decided after playing Witcher games for almost 2 months i needed a break and that I would return later for Blood and Wine. These are now some of if not my favorite Open World RPGs of all time and definitely in my top 10 games list.

  • Anthonie Santic

    I don't know if anyone working at CDPR will read this, but :Thank you

  • Sr.Tranon

    Eu chorei e não sinto vergonha disso. Até hoje eu nunca tinha jogado um jogo tão bom, tão emocionante, tão incrível e que me passou tanto conhecimento sobre seu mundo. Eu fico feliz de ter feito parte dessa família e nunca vou esquecer essa história tão incrível. Parabéns CD Projekt Red e que venha Cyberpunk 2077, estou muito ansioso e tenho certeza que será um ótimo jogo.

  • Kappa 123


  • SKY5

    This cured my depression

  • Ali İşerio

    man this video gave me goosebumps! thank you Cd projekt red for giving us such a great game...

  • BlackWing

    Isn't it amazing, how much emotion a 2 minute long video can create if it's made by a game-studio, that actually cares about their games?

  • wikygaming

    Geralt. Old friend. Now we fight at the Stage of History

  • Cohen Neve

    I still didn’t finished the game, my first playthrough, just found Ciri today, and this made me cry. God this game and story got me in really hard.

  • ezz elgendy

    ❤❤Geralt of rivia for now..and forever❤❤

  • Nomicro4u

    We may not meet again, but we will always have the memories old friend.


    I wish you were real , Geralt.You're just that good. .. in games and books...

  • BOSS Gamer

    Não importa quanto macho você seja, se jogou a trilogia de The Witcher e ver esse vídeo, vai te fazer suar pelos olhos..um grande abraço dos fãs Brasileiros, CD Project Red, te considero a melhor. <3

  • CR Buck

    Real games right here, making something that stays with you forever. Great stories, characters that become your idols and push you to do better.Ive been fantastic. Happy and progressing through life just like i did through this great series!While todays gaming companies turn more and more greedy. You make the games that stay around forever while these cash grabs fade away. Shining lights in the dark and the reason i play games.Thank you CD Project RedKeep on making Art!

  • Rohith K Sajeev

    The Witcher ...........

  • Red Kan

    damn man i Miss this greatest game ever rip to all are dead in the story

  • Stig

    эх какой раз уже пересматриваю но все равно плачу

  • luka

    Let's be real here, still crying whenever I see this. THIS is Gaming, THIS is beauty. Thank you CD Projekt Red for everything you've given us. Thank you 🙏


    I only started playing the witcher games about a year now, and the little time I spent I this fictional world, the games and their story is nothing less than masterful, and this in a time where everything is shuving DLC and games as services down your throat.So I say this to the team involved, thank you for this marvelous experience-

  • Teréze

    " we all miss you old friend " GOD DAMN GERALT, i started to cry so much

  • Navneet das Pranto

    u know i played witcher 3 3 times... everytime i try my best to get the best ending and i i get it too.... but after the blood and wine expansion i searched google for at least 30 mins or so just to find something new on Geralt the witcher and i find this.... i m not a crier but after watching this video i was speechless and for all day my mode was bad.... but i guess everything has a ending just like our life's..... But CD PROJECT RED thanks for making such touching and heartwarming game and i will be waiting until my last breath hoping that i will play the character Geralt of rivia once again and get the pleasure of living again.... until then thank u guys for ur hard work.... and keep on the good work....

  • Josephine Versoza

    The series that just never stops giving <3 Thank you, CDPR!

  • José Luis Cortés matus

    These guys are not a game company, they actually feel like family, there's never gonna be a witcher 4 , but you now what, were good here.

  • Bayram Bayındır

    The best game I've ever seen in my life...

  • Sefraca

    I can't stop crying. I hope that we will experience another story in the Witcher universe. It means just so much to me. Never played a game like this before

  • Jacob Koch

    How the hell did make me cry so much?

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