Celebrating the 10th anniversary of The Witcher

Time flies when you’re in great company. Join Geralt of Rivia as he reminisces about the 10 years it’s been since you’ve first joined him on his adventures in The Witcher series of games.

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The Witcher game is based on the prose of Andrzej Sapkowski.
  • ChasdielOfTheEnd

    Man, what a way to thank fans for 10 years of support... Keep on being great CDProjektRed! As far as devs go, you're the best out there!

  • NieR not crying...<3 CD Project Red

  • floopteydoo icepants

    My favorite thing about this is that Johnny made it all the way down to Toussaint for Geralt's birthday.

  • cortazario

    And now guys, imagine: few years down the road, the memories of the Witcher games start to fade away...we all played Cyberpunk and it was awesome...and sure there were many other games along the way...then another E3 comes. Yea, we get all the Battlefield 10s and Call of Duty: Galactical Warfare and Assassin's Creeds trailers and presentations...and then, all of a sudden, the stream from the event goes quiet for a while...after a few seconds you see just "CD PROJEKT RED PRESENTS" on the black screen...and then...the Wolf medallion appears on the screen...Just imagine the chills we will all get.

  • ScarletBlazeGames

    this is the true ending and you cant convince me otherwise

  • Simon Rockstream

    One of, if not THE most beautiful thing a gaming company has ever created. This video and The Witcher games.


    I am a FPS gamer all these years and finally my friend persuade me to buy Witcher 3 and I did on 1st Oct, a week or so later it was on 60% discount on Steam and I did swear a few times, but until i completed the entire game 2 days ago and today I'm watching this video, that extra S$40 definitely worth spending. Thank you guys for everything

  • ylmzll

    To EVERY CDPR employee out there: Thank YOU!

  • Shikhar Rai

    400 dislikes are most probably from ghouls and alghouls

  • loafhero

    My favourite part about this is that this shows that if you made decisions where the Bloody Baron lives, it implies that he succeeds in his quest to cure his wife of her insanity.

  • Dallasmed65

    Best game series ever made.

  • Izzat Aziz

    I'm doing fine.. 😭

  • yksniset

    There are games that can keep you with them for months, because you are just procrastinating or have nothing better to do, and its just wasted time later. Then there is a Witcher that keeps you for months and after all you are sure you couldn't spend those months better. Its part of my memories forever. Thank you CD Project and Geralt for enriching my life instead of stealing it. We lived all that with you. PS: 29 years old Slav, still you made me cry.

  • hadron89

    All those big game studios in the greedy grasp of greasy businessmen, all elitists from elitist establishments. Then this little studio from Poland shows them how you make a game, a community, and get fans that don't even have to think twice to pay full price for a game that they know will be amazing; and they'll actually own. No DRM bullshit.Every single sidequest in Wild Hunt had better writing than 80% of all triple A games from the big studios (except Naughty Dog) in the last 5 years. My hat's off for you guys and girls, you fully deserve all the admiration and success. Here's to another 10 years!

  • doutorenigma

    I wish i could like this twice

  • Baytuh

    Real talk- Who else teared up a little. Thank You CD Projekt Red for making one of the best games ever, I beat the game 5 times and each expansion twice so about 500+hrs. The Witcher 3 (IMO) is the gold standard for open world fantasy games, can't wait for Cyberpunk 2077. Again thank you CD. :-D

  • Kelvin Bun

    no CD Projekt Red. We should Thank You for teaching how to make a good game to other greedy developer and publisher. * Cough* EA, Ubisoft, Square Enix, Activision, Warner Bros, Konami...*Cough*

  • Phoenick

    this is the ending I wanted to see... the best ending... thank you so much CD Projekt Red, you are the best!

  • MrForstd

    Спасибо Геральд и CD Pro red, одна из немногих игр где ни на секунду не жалко проведённого за игрой времени. От каждого прохождения остаются положительные и теплые эмоции, как в первый раз проходишь.

  • Amended

    Actually shed tears when I realized that he was talking to me and not Ciri.

  • Matthew Shezmen

    Chills all over my body. ç_ç

  • Mr poopoo pants Whoisaryan

    why am i crying in the club rn

  • Cesar Martinez

    The dislikes are from the Wild Hunt

  • Jennifer Swan

    Are we going to ignore that Roach was inside the house 😂😂😂😂

  • I know I'm Awesome

    I tried my best not to cry :'( Crying

  • Ngawang Yonten

    Just finished the witcher 3 today, and I must say, I feel kinda empty inside, and sad. Like a part of me has died. I wish I'd played this game earlier. What a great job you guys have done, CDPR. Well done ! I should get to reading the books now. :')

  • Reptila

    Geralt of Rivia forever in our heart

  • Nick Dzink

    Must be awkward having a party with your wife and daughter and other half the women you've slept with.


    feels like home, am i the only one who cried?

  • Ali İşerio

    man this video gave me goosebumps! thank you Cd projekt red for giving us such a great game...

  • Tyr

    Where is Hjalmar and Cerys ? :(

  • Dav1d15196

    Make Witcher 4 playable as Ciri, Cd Project Red please !!!

  • G4m3rR1ck

    This...definitely brought tears to my eyes! Never have I ever heard of a game developer bringing back characters to talk to the fans, even if for a few, short moments! Absolutely amazing and beautiful! Thank you CDPR for this MASTERPIECE!!!

  • IaSaINt

    Truly a great game franchise, the best even. CDPR deserve every ounce of our respect and continued support for what they bring to the gaming industry.

  • Nahic

    Oh I see. Lambert is drinking..5 Minutes laterLambert: Vodka... Vodka's gone. Who's gonna go get some more?Also Lambert: This is a job... FOR VESEMIR

  • SidNightWalker

    It is this, the games that are made by real developers, with real heart and soul, that keeps my faith in the gaming industry alive. Thank you, Geralt of Rivia, and thank you CDProjekt RED, for keeping the dream alive. 🤘🤘🤘😎😎

  • FlipMAN1898

    Thank you so much CDPR, The witcher 3 isn't just a game, but a truly experience that i will never forget. Geralt will always have a place in my heart. Thank you <3

  • Gergő Marton

    Best video game series ever made. Thank you for the good times from Hungary :)

  • Alexis Caron

    Im fine and you Geralt

  • Red Kan

    damn man i Miss this greatest game ever rip to all are dead in the story

  • Yousif Osama

    CDPR is the best developer out there, and you are physically incapable of proving otherwise.

  • MasterJT v2

    I don't see Vesemir anywhere... He must be on yet another Witcher contract! He's always keeping himself busy. I'm surprised that old wolf is still alive and kicking! He's even older than Geralt! I'm sure he will make to the next party.

  • Larkin La'Roth

    They just get it, thank you CD Projekt Red :)

  • Giorgi Bakradze

    Tear dropped on my cheek

  • Hippo Reddy

    Best game in the whole damn world : Witcher 3Also this trailer made me cry :')

  • Nour Muzaferoglu

    The WITCHER 3 is not only the best RPG ever made but also the best GAME ever.I remember the times i have been dreaming at nights how i was Geralt and had 3 sexy Triss Jennifer and Gwent on my bed.But whenever i wake up i was crying that was just a dream.Nonetheless, i could not give up since i had my witcher 3 gaming all day long and living there a better life.Now i know what else im gonna do after life is to be the witcher and role play with TRIO witches =)

  • youngshadygaming

    One more contract Geralt... one more...

  • Sefraca

    I can't stop crying. I hope that we will experience another story in the Witcher universe. It means just so much to me. Never played a game like this before

  • Maninder Singh

    Best game I've played, ever! :)

  • Zoe Streshenright


  • stillz livenkton

    Главное что плотва есть

  • Glo

    Time is fleeting, but memories are forever 🤦‍♂️-Ly too

  • RaveSault

    "Oh, it's just him monologuing"(He looks at you and starts talking to you)"Geralt, you fucking cunt, you're not playing fair! ;_;"

  • Chris Brady

    What a great game and company.. cant wait for cyberpunk now

  • Christoph S

    This is my new favorite video of all time

  • Robert Courtemarche

    Needs more lelele lelelelele lelelelele

  • Anthonie Santic

    I don't know if anyone working at CDPR will read this, but :Thank you

  • Gerard Ferrer

    PLEASE CDPR, tell me that everything on this video is canon.

  • YourGamingPill


  • benzlover55

    I recently bought W3 and I already miss it because in playing it I'm trying to find any means necessary to prolong the experience since it is technically the last game in the series, and I'm enjoying it so much, and your first time experience is what will stand out the most in your memory.........

  • Romul

    Something Ends, Something Begins...

  • kta1540

    So glad I saw the ending with Witcher Siri...

  • Little Spoons #TheGeekyReviews

    Omg I bloody LOVE this!! Still the same old tingles when I hear that music and see those faces! Thanks for one of the best gaming experiences I've ever had! <3

  • zoubida90

    The Witcher 3 is such a masterpiece, Netflix better not fuck this up...

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